STAGE 8 2020


After the amazing experience of 2019, which proved the incredible show that a double climb to the Mortirolo can offer, the outcome of the fight for the Enel Pink Jersey of the Giro d’Italia Under 23 will be determined once again on the roads of the epic Mortirolo, that brought fame to a young Marco Pantani at the 1994 Giro d’Italia.

Aprica hosts the start and finish of the eighth and last stage of the Giro Under 23. It is 120.9 km long featuring the toughest altitude gap of no less than 3,500 metres without a single metre of flat course. This will definitely be the decisive day with the start and finish in Aprica which already hosted a stage finish of the Giro Giovani in 2019.

The start goes downhill until Tresenda, to then climb immediately to the cat 2 KOM of Teglio (7.4 km climb with a 6.5% average gradient); following the descent there is the climb to Carona (10 km with a 6.9% average gradient), an over 1,000-metre altitude gap to the second cat 2 KOM of the stage. Then there is the descent to Tirano, where there is an intermediate sprint, to then start the first climb to the much awaited Mortirolo Pass from the Mazzo side which covers an altitude gap of 1,854 metres in just 12.5 km with gradients reaching 18% (10.4% average gradient). The descent leads to Monno and Edolo from where the course begins the 14-km climb to Corteno Golgi and the Aprica finish line (3.5% average gradient with peaks up to 10%) where the end of this stage will crown the winner of the Giro d’Italia Under 23.  In 2019 this race which is the challenge and showcase of Italian and international U23 cycling talents bestowed the Enel Pink Jersey to the Colombian Camilo Ardila. All the athletes that have stood on the Giro U23 podium in the past three years, ever since the organizer Nuova Ciclistica Placci 2013-Communication Clinic has restarted the race, are currently racing with World Tour teams.

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