STAGE 7 2020


The grand finale of the Giro d’Italia Under 23 consists of three stages in Lombardy. The stage before last starts in Lecco and goes through Valsassina and Valchiavenna to end at 1,908 m.a.s.l. in Montespluga, a “triptych” in the land of Lombardy that will be decisive for the Giro Giovani.

The seventh stage has an almost 3,000-metre altitude gap: it begins with a transfer from Lecco to the start proper in Ballabio from where it climbs to Balisio and Vendrogno to then descend to Bellano and the following flat 60 km are the prelude to the grand finale in Valchiavenna with a 30 km climb to reach the 1,908 m.a.s.l. of Montespluga. From Chiavenna on (the last 27 km to the finish line) the average gradient is around 6%, with peaks reaching 10%. The Spluga climb was done during  the 1965 Giro d’Italia  Saas Fee-Madesimo stage which was won by Vittorio Adorni who, in spite of the severely adverse weather conditions, was able to secure his victory at that year’s Giro.

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