STAGE 3 2020


The third stage takes place entirely in Emilia-Romagna, starting in Riccione and arriving in Mordano, hometown of the Nuova Ciclistica Placci 2013 whose president is Marco Selleri, organizer of the Giro U23, and also base to the historical group of volunteer workers that support the organization.

When glancing at the profile, the 150.5 kilometers of this stage may appear to be flat, but when it gets to  Faenza the course turns towards the hills to reach the two cat 3 KOMs, both in the last 30 km. of the stage: Monticino (3.5 km climb with a 5.2% average gradient peaking up to 11%) and Mazzolano (2.4 km with a 5.3% average gradient peaking up to 11%), before the last descent towards Imola to then reach the finish line in Mordano.

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