The heart starts beating again. For a moment everything had stopped, a brief halt, in space and time, terrible, painful and unforgettable.

But we have to restart. The Giro d’Italia Giovani cannot stop, there is too much energy rotating around this event: the hopes of the riders, the goodwill of a close-knit group, the strong emotional involvement of all of us.

We have strongly wanted for this Giro to happen in order to give tangible support to the territories, to restart the narrative of this country and break away from the wake of fear.

We are doing it with great care and sense of responsibility, observing with diligence all the protocols and precautions, taking care of our co-workers, the riders and the spectators that follow us.

Maybe it will be remembered as a strange, difficult, tormented Giro.

It would be so nice if it could become the wake-up call that announces the beginning of a new great Italian cycling.

We make it possible.

Giro d'Italia Giovani Under 23 - Our history

We have made it possible. Now we turn it into an event you cannot miss.

The Giro d’Italia Giovani was no more, for many years it was nothing but an abandoned dream, a void in the calendar for both the riders and the Federation.

In the first three years from 2017 to 2019, we have dedicated our free time to start it up again, to give it credibility and value, to make it appealing to the riders, the territories and the sponsors.

It has been hard work, stemming from the intuition and desire of Davide Cassani and of the Federation; to this we added a motivated and wholesome organization that could give this event a strong identity and a thorough and constant communication from the very beginning.

Now we have another three-year period ahead of us, during which this Giro – which has already found its place in the international calendar and drawn the attention of the cycling world – must continue to grow and become an event not to be missed by anyone: athletes, territories, spectators alike.

It is a challenge that goes beyond routine race organization and puts us at work to make our team grow professionally and motivates the whole field in an effort to thrive and be the best.

The 2020 Giro Giovani will start by embracing Urbino to celebrate a star of the Renaissance: Raffaello Sanzio, who died 500 years ago, when he was still young but nevertheless was able to leave a mark which became essential for all the artists that came after him.

The Giro Giovani layout will continue in its quest for innovation and experimentation in new territories, on unknown climbs and amazing race courses: a cross-section of Italy with a strong desire to speak up and with wonderful stories to be told.

Beginning this year throughout the course and in the towns hosting the stage starts there will be innovative  events and new ways of communication for a greater involvement, so that the Giro may become ever more like one big celebration, for everyone.

Foremost in our minds comes safety, which has to be a top priority for all races: as usual and even more so we will focus all our attention on the safety of the riders on the road, as well as of all the people involved in the Giro. Thus we shall make every possible effort so that it may continue to be a challenge and a thrill to participate in it.

And finally we would like to address a word of encouragement to the riders to boost their spirit of participation and their professional growth: being in the Giro Giovani is an achievement in itself, riding it as a protagonist is a success and riding it as a professional is the goal. We made it possible, it is up to you now to make it unique.

Giro d'Italia Giovani Under 23 Ed. 2020 - Official Promo

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